things aren't what they seem, I learnt that lesson that day.

things aren’t what they seem, I learnt that lesson that day.

Our class wasn’t short of exciting characters, there was an Atom; the baby man, a Smiler; always wore a smile, a Selwyn; that Igbo boy with a Michael Jackson trouser, a Jay Z, Bey’s hubby look alike, an ABJ; rest her soul; small champion, a Dandy also called Ngige and an Eminem. These were some of the characters that made up our class way back then, an exciting time and one of the best times of my life.
But this story isn’t about my class, it is a story about one of the many character that made up the class of 03/04. This is a story about Eminem.
Eminem; that’s not his real name, can’t even remember his real name though, we called him Eminem so much, we forgot his government name. Eminem was that kind of guy you meet and immediately take to, he was friendly and he was ‘quiet’. But do not let his quiet demeanor fool you, he was anything but. He loved to have fun, loved to rap; especially songs by Eminem even though he never could quite sing the song as it was. Light skinned, of average height and smoked like a chimney, Eminem was a fun guy to be around.
Now to the reason why I am writing this. It was the last exam for that semester; Logic and Philosophy, it was a course I would say was not my forte as it was confusing as hell with all the signs and symbols, but it was okay all the same. The evening before, Smiler, Atom and I had tried to cram in one sitting a whole semester’s work into our tired brains, so understandably we weren’t brimming with confidence.
Down to the exam proper, most of the questions were what I had read! WOooh!!! So I got down to writing, squeezing out all the juice from my wee brain, when I felt I written enough, I looked up and voila! Atom, Smiler were still writing and so was Eminem; furiously. Make I for no carry last, I bent down once more and searched every nook and cranny in my head for every bit of information I could find on Logic and Philosophy to add to what I already had.
20 minutes later I looked up again and Smiler, Atom and a host of others looked like they had written their fill but were looking forlorn as they were eager to add too but alas the pool of knowledge was dry. But my biggest surprise was Eminem, that boy was still scribbling furiously on his paper!! Ah!!! What did he read, an encyclopedia? Again I bent down to write, this time lifting every tiny rock in search of answers.
10 minutes later Eminem was still writing! Ah!! ‘Your father!!’ I thought to myself, ‘Person go mad where he wan crack brain because of Eminem!!! Abeg “A” no be by force.’
I got up resolutely and joined the queue of those going to submit their work. As I passed by Eminem’s table, I stole a glance at his work, you wouldn’t believe what I saw! The bonehead was writing songs! All those minutes I spent stressing that I hadn’t prepared enough for this exam, Eminem was writing songs! Chei!!
I would have being forgiven for hitting him upside the head for almost 30 minutes of pure torture!
Eminem! Wetin concern am? He diligently went to submit his song, all na Logic with a bit of Philosophy.



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