Nigeria is a country of blatant scams, the phrase ‘the more you look, the less you see’ aptly describes this country. Everybody is putting up a front while something else is going on underneath. Take the city Abuja for example, a lot of luxury cars but most of them are used as cabs and most of them also serve as bedrooms! Let’s go wider, take the 1st ladies, every one of them wants to have a pet project, a good number of them are just a front for siphoning government funds, ever heard of the wife of the United State President having a pet project? FYI Americans are the biggest con artists in the world; masters at putting up a front, but that’s story for another day.
Okay see this national conference, how is it not a front to siphon government funds? 12 million for sleeping through a boring lecture on suppositions on how this country should be made great and unified.
One of the delegates died yesterday from a brief illness; he had being pictured the day before sleeping, but the truth is he died of boredom, that’s according to me.
The truth is this National Conference is a complete waste of time and money and nothing they discuss there will better this country in anyway, our treasury will just be short a couple more millions, that’s all.
Anyway what do senile old men know about the future; they can’t see beyond the angel of death calling them to yonder. If government really cared about Nigeria’s future and if that conference was necessary; which I don’t think it is, they should have appointed young vibrant men and women of repute, not greedy people who have eaten their fill and are looking for more ways to replenish their loot.
If we want unity in this country we should start from the grass root, after all it is not 60 year olds that make up the bulk of Boko Haram or the militants and kidnappers in Niger Delta or South East.
If we want unity in Nigeria, then Nigeria must be Nigerialized. Our schools must be Nigerialized, our curriculums must contain rich contents of Africa and Nigeria not all that BS our colonial masters handed down to us.
History must be taught from primary school up to secondary school level, impacting in young Nigerians the basics of being Nigerian and the struggles of the founding fathers, not skirting around the dirty parts, but teaching every nitty gritty part of our rich culture.
What divides us are not political parties or languages but prejudices.
Like when the Igbo man thinks the Hausa man is an easy prey to con. Like when the Hausa man thinks the Igbo man eats human flesh or deals in human blood. Like when we think Yorubas are cowardly and do not have a stand. There millions of prejudices that divide us and until we scrub these out of the psyches of young Nigerians, a talk of a National Conference is just abysmal, dismal!!!
How can we talk of Unity when APGA rules the East, ACN the West and CPC the North? Is that how you unite? By dividing the country along political party lines?
Let the Nigeria government stop fooling us! That we haven’t revolted yet is because young Nigerians are too busy doing nothing to gather their things and wedge a blockade in front of the Senate, House of Assembly and Aso Rock for months and say enough is a enough, Obi is tired of being a boy, Obi wants to be a man.




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