It’s another Friday and I find myself at home, bored and not in any mood for another movie, so I find myself traversing through memory lane and viola. Enjoy.

It was billed as the birthday party of the year and the venue was my hostel and it was gonna be awesome!

It was Dj Caley’s birthday and his party was following on the back of Oloye’s party earlier in the semester, which had being a huge hit, so we all braced for it. Dj Caley was one of those people who didn’t spare no expense at anything and this party wasn’t going to be an exception.

There was going to be everything at this party, drinks of all variations, anything you wanted it was there. There was a tap for punch and then there was the traditional cake. Of course there was gonna be a cake, it’s a birthday party for H sake.

By 6pm the compound had become a beehive of activities as everybody was lending a hand in making the party come alive. I had just come back from a friend’s birthday party. Although that wouldn’t qualify as a party it was just a sharing of drinks more or less and it was over in less than five minutes.

By 7pm party goers were already trickling in and the DJ; not Dj Caley, was already blasting away on his amped up speakers. I remember I was sipping the punch from my disposable cup, I can’t remember how many I had had but I knew it was enough! Don’t get me wrong I am not a party animal, I don’t enjoy going to clubs, but I enjoy dancing and partying with my friends once in a while. This was one of those times.

Soon the sun went to bed and the nocturnal beings started emerging from their hideouts, I was still nursing my punch, cos that was the only drink available till the party was in full swing. Soon the dance floor began to fill up with glistening bodies gyrating madly to the crooning voice of Terry G.
There were all kinds of girls on the stage, tall, short, slim, fat, black, yellow and blue. They were all there dancing and getting into the moment, I was the idle observer. The dark angel studying the scenario from the side lines, I was determined to have fun.

The whole place was rowdy and the party hadn’t even kicked off! Damn!! This was gonna be crazy!!! Epic. Even better than Oloye’s.
I kept refilling my disposable and downing its content. I go kill person.
By now I was beginning to feel woozy. I was tired, maybe I needed to lie down for a bit till the party started but not before I stole a dance with the delectable Soph; a lodge mate and man was she winding.
I will get back to that, I thought as I made my way to my room. On the way I stopped to chat up some of the other people.
Done with socializing, I secured my disposable, sure that I will need it again.

Not bothering to undress, I lay on floor and closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes to voices screaming and cheering, woohoo! The party was on!! I looked outside to find it was morning!!!
What?!!! I missed the whole party!!! I missed everything.

There were talks of drunken debauchery, I missed that. A drunken lodge mate dragging off her roommate’s boyfriend for a quickie, I missed that too. Dance offs, drunken people making a fool of themselves. I slept all through it. I slept through the greatest party in school and to make matters worse, I had a headache the size of a Tsunami. That’s just perfect.

Wanna know what was in the punch? 2 Jucee juice, 300 naira worth of Igbo juice; cooked and sieved, 1 vodka whiskey, 3 large bottle of Squad5 whiskey, 2 packets of Don Simon wine, a can of Star and a generous amount of water! That was what I was consuming for two whole hours! Damn!

Remind me never to go near a punch bowl again.

It’s Friday people go out and have fun, but remember do not go near the punch boat, you just might sleep through the greatest night of your life.



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