The world is abuzz with the hash tag #BringOurGirlsBack and it was with great pleasure with which I greeted the news that Oby Ezekwesili and Femi Falana had lent their voice and status to the cause to set free 234 girls abducted by the dreaded Boko Haram. This news has sent shock waves around the global village as the whole world is concerned about the fates of these young girls who were kidnapped from the confines of their citadel of education. Foreign celebrities like Pierce Morgan, Tran Karrauche, Keri Hilson, Malala Yousafzai and many more have all expressed their concern about the fates of these girls.
But the biggest question remains, what about our government, what are they doing to ensure that these girls are brought home into the loving embrace of their mothers? A government that lied; among many other lies they have being telling since 1960, about the release of these girls. A government that suspended a FEC meeting because of the death of the brother of the Vice President; who isn’t even a government official! Yet everyday Boko Haram murders innocents and it’s business as usual! That’s the Nigerian government unfortunately.
Toke Makina aptly put it; ‘In Nigeria you are your own government, your own security.’ Useless doesn’t begin to describe the Nigerian government and that’s a bloody fact. Forget all the propaganda Goodluck and his able PR people carry about. So I am supposed to be happy that because of a calculation mistake our GDP was misrepresented? It’s like being happy that my philandering rich dad paid my school fees. For Christ sake that’s his duty! We should stop being party to false enlightenment, Nigeria is light years behind its counterparts in the world scale.
Boko Haram is a network spread across the country with its tentacles reaching every facet of the Nigerian life, so it is no surprise that military attacks and tactics are foiled by seemingly illiterate brutes. Recently news reached us that a helicopter was used to drop food and supplies into the Boko Haram camp. And in a state that is supposedly under a state of emergency and an airspace under the control of the government one has no option but scratch their head at how something like that could happen under the ‘eagle eye’ of our military and government. But then again when you hear and read stories of Boko Haram gallivanting unchecked in military fatigues maybe it isn’t worth scratching your head.
This kidnapping is another chapter in a long saga of our government’s ineptitude, lack of concern for its people and total disregard for the safety of its long suffering citizens.
If I may ask, whatever happened to the girls kidnapped last year? Were they ever found or like many other things swept under the rug and out of the consciousness of the Nigerian populace? What happened to the said Boko Haram sponsors list that Ayo Oritsejafor; President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) threatened to expose sometime ago?
Recent visitors; residents of the area who had gone to ask for the release of the girls, to the Simbisa camp of the terrorists, told a tale of lavish abandonment. This is after the government had purportedly cut off their ties to the outside world!
So how much more lies are we going to let slide? A relationship built on lies will never survive because eventually something has got to give.
234 girls; people’s daughters, sisters, future wives, the future of this country were kidnapped and the first thing the government did was lie about their safety! 2 weeks has gone and yet no concerted effort has being made to secure the release of these girls instead we are made to endure the normal rounds of false promises by our government and their agents. Almost 2 months after the Malaysian flight 370 went missing, authorities are still searching for the plane and its 239 passengers and crew. Everyday the world is kept up to date with latest findings, suppositions and plans to find the missing airliner.
Last week a ferry en route Jeju from Incheon in South Korea capsized while carrying 476 mostly students, a couple of days later a teacher who survived committed suicide because he couldn’t stand the guilt of being a survivor when so many of his students lay in their watery grave. The Prime minister also resigned because of the authorities slowness to respond to rescue operations.
Yet in Nigeria Major General Chris Olukolade; a military spokesperson at the Defence Headquarters, lies about the rescue of some of the girls and is still sitting pretty in his posh office. God dey!! Don’t get me started on the Minister of Interior and the Immigration recruitment debacle. Yet Nigerians continue to endure years of being ruled by series of sociopathic leaders and continue to hope that a ‘good leader’ will emerge from out of the skies to lead this country to utopia. Na so!
I am all for the release of these young girls and hopefully they not too damaged by this ordeal but I am also up for saving this country of ours and ensuring that events like this never happen again; now or in the future.
We need better security, we need a better government and most of all we need better leaders and not those who use the lives of its citizens as pawn in a game of dirty politics.
So as we lend our voices to this cause to bring back our sisters, daughters, neighbors, classmates home, let us also ask for better governance, for today it might be the girls, who knows who the next victims are going to be?!
Boko Haram struck in Abuja, so be afraid, be very afraid! Their reach is wide, you are not safe where you are.
Let us say no to terrorism, bad governance, violence and most of all let us say no to inaction on our part and the government’s.
Let us make camps at corridors of Aso villa, the House of Assembly till we get through to our thick headed leaders and if they do not listen, let us scream till our voice go hoarse and hope the world will come lend a hand to government and the ‘best military’ in Africa.

There are reports of a bomb blast in Abuja, close to the scene of the last one. When will it stop?



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