After a week of controversy concerning the new Tiwa Savage music video for the song ‘Wanted’, I decided to watch the video to find out what the raucous was about.
I had being expecting to be scandalized by a video many had termed inappropriate, indecent and I saw expecting the worse but lo and behold what I saw was anything but. In fact the leggy beauty was clothed from wrist to ankle the whole duration of the video. In fact she was dressed for a night at the club, believe me I have seen MUCH worse. SMH.
The only indecent thing about the video was the controversy surrounding it.
In the same week Rihanna stepped out in a completely see through diamond encrusted dress for an event. In same country where boobs are flaunted like common stock. Aren’t these the same people who rush to read and ogle the next Maheeda story? The same people who praise tasteless sex scenes in Ghanaian movies.
Nigerians leave your hypocrisy in your homes and judge ‘Wanted’ as what it is; art. Tastefully done and very sexy and not too risque and leaves a lot to the imagination. Can you say that about the way most of our women dress these days?
Moreover the people who matter most in her life aren’t complain; her husband and team, so why are you?
But I think Tiwa should be grateful for all the noise as in today’s world controversy has become a huge marketing tool, so it is a blessing in disguise. Ask Tonto Dike; one of the biggest benefactors of controversy marketing, how that works, she knows first hand how it helps create a buzz for your music.
So carry on Tiwa, cos haters will continue to hate. The video was awesome!


One thought on “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: The Tiwa Savage Video

  1. Tiwa’s vid bombed simply because it was tacky. She tried to copy Bey or Rih but failed dismally. It looked contrived and she looked like she was passing stool in some shots. She was rigid, she had no biz shaking on the floor unless she was epilectic. If it was a tasteful vid, i’d have loved it cos im a TIWA fan any day, any time.

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