LAMENTATIONS: I will tell God everything

This article is inspired by an article I read recently and is dedicated to every soul lost to terrorists’ attacks.

I will tell God everything, when I get to heaven. I will tell Him how the rich keep getting richer and the poor ever more so.
I will tell Him how religion has caused more war than anything else in the world. How people use it to perpetrate evil in His name.

Oh yes I will tell Him how thousands are killed in their sleeps for no just cause other than they pray to Him differently. I will tell Him how women and children are killed while depraved men chants His name, for no reason other than that they were defenseless.

I will tell Him how leaders arm and breed merchants of death who blow up places of worship, business and rest. I will Him how children who can’t tell their lefts from the rights were drowned in the putrid smell of chemical weapons. How our walls have become so riddled with bullets we no longer need windows.

I will tell Him how ‘men of God’ use nefarious powers gotten from the underworld to mislead His followers. How His mouthpieces now drive exotic cars and their followers walk miles to church.

I will tell Him how churches have taken palatial statuses while the souls of followers are as rickety as a house built on sand.

I will tell Him of bickering politicians, who sling mud at each other on the pages of newspapers and the social media, while looters loot and crimes are left unpunished.

I will tell Him of the elaborate game of chess played by our politicians using humans as pawns for the grand prize of eternity at the throne of power. I will tell Him of fathers betraying children and mothers selling their souls, of young men offering off their pride for a peruse of the corridors of power, of young women selling their bodies for a few cowries.

I will tell Him about roads of burnt carcasses, flowing with blood and people running helter skelter. Of women widowed and children lost. I will tell Him about our burnt houses and the angry youths with misplaced emotions.

Yes! yes!! I will tell Him of youths who are used and discarded like toilet paper, at the whim and call of unscrupulous leaders who use them to carry out their evil deeds. Yes, the youths, who sit idly by and as watch the country is run into the ground while our pot bellied leaders feast and dine like kings our their inheritances.

I will tell Him about the pains of a widowed wife, a grieving husband and the orphaned child. I will tell Him of the mass graves, the military brutality and our government’s nonchalance.

I will tell Him about the pain, as my young body was riddled with bullets and the cold hands of death embraced me. I will also tell Him about watching my blood seep through all those holes and wondering how I still have that much even though we have lived in poverty for so long.

Then I will tell Him about entering into darkness as my body tired and couldn’t cling to life anymore. I will tell Him of my wasted dreams and unfulfilled hopes.

Then I will tell Him to come down to earth and bring back sanity to the world.


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