Happy Birthday Danteni Yissa

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

He was athletic, tall, dark, handsome and well built and always made his presence felt everywhere he was, even as a teenager at St. Michael’s back in the day.
He was in my younger sister’s class back then, but I feared him cos he always bullied me and I was a class ahead of him!
Danteni wasn’t quiet, no way! He was loquacious, socially active and he loved the ladies.
I was eleven then and I hated him because he dared to hit me, his senior! And he did it with such impunity.
Fast forward a couple of years later at Christ the King College, Gwagwalada where we gained our secondary education.
Danteni was still himself, athletic, and fearless. It wasn’t long before he was playing for the school’s football team. Danteni Yissa was a great football player, the grace with which he rolled with the ball, the finesse of his touch and his powerful shot of the ball! It wasn’t a surprise that he always led the attack.
It was always a joy to watch him, Soso, Skiro, Snake, Uche Nnalue in goal as they did their thing on the football pitch, they won the school plenty trophies. If Danteni wasn’t on the football field, he was digging out on the basketball court.
Danteni Yissa was also a mischief maker, something he carried with him from when we were kids. He was always pulling one prank or the other with his side kick DJ Stains.
Danteni was well loved, I even grew to like him, so it was with great shocked I received news that he had being stricken down by cancer; pancreatic cancer for that matter! We had made plans to go visit him, only for him to lose his long fight with the disease, a week to the day we discussed him.
We went to be with his family; what little number we were, to be with them at that time as he was the first son!
Today as he marks his birthday, we remember Danteni, for all the joy he brought, all the laughter he caused, all the pain his inflicted and thank God for giving us the opportunity to shared a brief moment of life with him.
He would have being 33 today, may his soul rest in peace. Amen.


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