The Parable of the Palm Kernel



A woman had been having marital problems with her husband went to a native doctor to seek spiritual help to secure her marriage. She complained to the native doctor that her husband beats her a lot. The native doctor laughed and told her he had the charm but it will cost her 100k which she willing paid.
The native doctor give 7 seeds of palm kernel, he asked her to put it in her mouth each time she wanted having an argument with her husband and the husband will not slap or beat her.
So she went home with them and had it tied in her wrapper or pocket all the time. Each time she’s about to start a fight with her husband and he husband is coming close to her, she would turn around and put all seven palm kernel in her mouth
thus making her unable to speak a word again. if the husband keeps talking, she remains silent cause her mouth was stuffed with the kernel.
After a while she noticed that her husband had stopped hitting her. It worked! She went back to thank the native doctor.
‘You are welcome my daughter, the lesson I wanted you to learn was that there was virtue in silence.’


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