A friend of mine shared this on BBM and it absolutely made sense that I had to share it. ENJOY.

Once upon a time, a man became popular for engaging in money rituals just to buy the 80’s edition of the Honda Prelude. You wouldn’t buy that car for 50, 000 today. Some other guy brutally murdered his brother (whom their father gave cash to travel for the purpose of re- stocking their warehouse), just because he wanted to acquire the rave of the moment: Pathfinder Jeep. That same vehicle is now better described as a coffin. I remember as a kid, my whole street gathered to watch a truck deliver a very large satellite dish to my neighbor’s house. Today a dish one tenth that size delivers 5 times the value and is in almost every student’s room. What about the Volkswagen Santana, Mercedes Benz V boot, 505Evolution, Toyota Crown, all overtaken by latest models of Toyota, Honda, Bugatti, Bentley, X6, Acura and Infinity…. Vanity! Some ladies left their true loves because some rich guy then persuaded them with a Benz 190, which turned out to be the only car they ever owned till date. They found out too late that true love is invaluable. A friend declared drinks because he launched the Nokia Communicator which went back then in 2002 for over hundred grand. Today that phone would embarrass the owner and is a joke compared to the low cost, everyday phones. What about the MTN SIM card that many people went extra miles for, which sold for over 30, 000, today you will not buy it at N100 because all networks are begging people to even take it for free. People are still making the most horrific sacrifices over ‘vanity’ and make enemies over worthless material things. Look back at that one thing you wanted to kill or die for and see what has become of it today, the same will apply for that one thing you want to move the heavens for today.
There is absolutely nothing you can’t achieve. All you need is a little time and PATIENCE and you would thank God without regrets….

*Nobody is saying do not hustle, settle for anything, all I am saying is ‘do it right’, what is in vogue today might be antique tomorrow!


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