The Devil behind the camera

the face behind the camera
the face behind the camera

The first camera phone was the J-phone sold in Japan in 2000 and 14 years later almost every phone today has a camera and what is more, they all have the capability to connect to the internet and with so many social media the pictures taken with these phones are circulating the internet in a matter of minutes.

The world's first camera phone.
The world’s first camera phone.

The craze of taking pictures of ourselves and posting them online has birthed the concept of selfies; that is the act of taking pictures of yourself, which has in turn made mobile phone companies to modify their phones to accommodate this need for adulation. Hence front cameras on mobile phones which had hitherto being used solely for video calls have now being fine tuned to take the perfect selfies.

A  selfie
A selfie

But this is taking a huge turn for the worse, as recent events has shown that people would rather take pictures than lend a helping hand in a bad situation! Like the recent case of the Kenyan woman who was stripped naked in public for indecent dressing, a look at the video will show no less than ten cameras pointed at the woman with none making any move to help.

Today's people
Today’s people

People just want to snap pictures and post on their social media accounts or blogs just to build traffic.

A close look at our society today will show that this is rapidly becoming a trend; okay I will give you some examples. The woman who was stripped and beaten by an angry wife and her friends in China, the Ugandan nanny caught on camera beating a 2 year old, the Aluu killings in our own back yard, the Brazilian man caught on camera beating a woman with a plank. What do all these have in common? They all had a person behind the camera covering the inhumane situation; someone who should have stopped the evil act happening but instead chose to snap pictures and post on the internet!beaten to death by Sinhala police in broad day light

This is not an uncommon sight as there are many such videos circulating the internet
This is not an uncommon sight as there are many such videos circulating the internet
The Chinese mistress
The Chinese mistress

I get angry when I see any such videos where a person who could have helped a situation is stuck instead behind the camera, it begs the question “what happened to our humanity?!” I feel the law should look into punishing such people because they are as culpable as the perpetrators of crimes.

Seriously nowadays an accident occurs and the first thing the onlookers do is take out their phones and press the record button, gone are the days people cared to see if there were any survivors, now they take pictures first before commencing rescue operations. That is the world we live in today.

People need to drop their cameras and do something because next time it might be you at the other end of the camera!


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