The single guy diary

YI look around and all I see are couples holding hands and I wonder: ‘why can’t I have this?’ I went to so many weddings this year so much so the need to find a suitable mate has kinda intensified.
Seriously I know I am not perfect; I’ve got my flaws! But when I look around at my options, to be honest, it doesn’t look good. Yea I know there a loads of good women out there but the million dollar question is: ‘where are they?!’ People keep saying they are out there, ‘where?!’ Has always being my question.
One thing I have noticed is that every girl likes to pretend she is a princess, that she is special but very few of them act accordingly. Seriously! You want to be treated special but you depend on a guy for VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING you need! How special is that?!
I have come to the conclusion that these women want babysitters not boyfriends.
I dated a girl once who wanted me to call her at all time of the day; morning, afternoon and night, which isn’t a problem because I thought I loved her then! The problem started when she will call and nag when I didn’t call her at a particular time and it was not like we were incommunicado at any time during the days, because we would always chat via BBM but she still insisted I called! Like even when I was at work! To say what?! ‘Baby I have missed you since the last thousand times we spoke!’ Jeez, give me a break!!!
This is the same woman who as a jest, I asked her to buy me a wallet because we were at a place where they were sold. Do you wanna guess her response? ‘You are the one that is working!’ I swear I almost died at that response! You know I wouldn’t have minded if she had said she couldn’t cos she didn’t have money on her or if she at least pretended to want to buy that piece of article! But her response did it for me, I knew then, there wasn’t any hope there. This girl wanted a babysitter not a boyfriend.
Her expectation of a relationship was the same thing you see on Telemundo and well crafted Hollywood movies! Please women should have a healthy, realistic expectation of a man! Discard this notion of knights in shiny armor and focus on your man in Gucci shoes (even the ones made in Aba). If you want to be treated special, act special. If you want to be treated like a princess, act like it.
Now I know that a lot of women are going to hate me for this, but is it too much to ask for a guy to want a girl who he would just consummate with, without pretending to want to be in a relationship! There’s got to be women out there who just wants consensual sex, without strings and who asks for nothing but respect! And this isn’t about being thrifty, there are just times you don’t feel the need for a relationship but would like to let off a little steam and you know shining your flute won’t do it and a professional service isn’t even on the cards. All you want is a decent girl to be with, have a decent conversation with, without having to put a label on it. There loads of people outta there who think this way, so don’t crucify me or call me selfish! I see a lot of people in relationships that is built solely around sex, but the people therein, just wanna play house and call it a name it is not but in reality, they are just doing it just to please society and ease their conscience and in most cases please the woman, who in the eye of the society has more to lose! (Why is that?! I ask. Our society is just too sexist)
I say this because guys have learnt to put up the ‘I want a relationship’ persona, when in reality all he wants is sex because that is the only way he can get some. I know women who are in a relationship just because of the fringe benefits but wanna play ‘relationship’ just to feel good about it.
Recently a guy showed me a message from an engaged woman who was ‘craving’ (for lack of better words) his touch. This is someone who is supposed to be getting married soon and what would she tag her extra marital affair? Side kick? LMAO.
Maybe I am a bit 2 faced about all these, because I want the Telemundo kinda love but I also know that there are a lot of quirks I gotta live with and that’s what separates reality from TV.
There a lot of things I can live with, but of everything I can’t live with nagging takes the cup! You can change a dirty person, dress up a shabby person but a person who nags (I call them nagatomi or nagasaki, pick one) is incurable! There are women who take pride in nagging, from you never calling, to you not texting, to you not walking or talking proper, to you not using the proper words! I mean they nag about EVERYTHING. All up in your face about everything! Seriously hasn’t anyone told these people that a person; man/woman would listen if you talked gently to them and that you mustn’t complain about everything, you just see some things and turn a blind eye to it.
I know the way a man leads his life is in some ways different from that of a woman, for that reason, I think both parties should use considerable wisdom in dealing with each other. So when your partner does something that is wrong, do the opposite, with time they learn if they truly love and respect you. If they don’t, learn to live with it; if you can, but if you can’t walk away! Don’t come all up in my face talking cr*p that I don’t wanna hear! I hate nagging in a person, it just makes me have violent thoughts and I am not even violent!
Our options are limited when it comes to choosing a partner, because you can’t find all the qualities you want in a partner in one person, if they tick your priorities then make it work, then slowly chisel out the remaining or live with the person the way they are, because life is not perfect.
I know all I want is a woman who will be true to me and vice versa, because I am not an easy guy to love.


2 thoughts on “The single guy diary

  1. Ary my man! U said it all… Most tyms, d cause of these issues is POVERTY! Yes, poverty because most gals wants to settle wit already made men. No one wnts to build her life wit her partner n u see it doesn’t work dat way.. we will talk more

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