2015: Make it about Choices

I remember when I was in secondary school a friend of mine learnt me a book, which was a novel cum game; at the bottom of every page were options which led further to other pages which decided if you continued your adventure or if your adventure was cut short. It was kinda frustrating because sometimes what seemed like an obvious or easy choice turned out to lead to your downfall. But I must say it made for an interesting read because sometimes your options lead you back to square one; your starting point, so it made you careful in picking your options and because it was a book, I could just always start afresh when I made the wrong choice.
How I wish life was like that, how I wish we could go back and have a do over on some decisions we had taken earlier in our lives. But unfortunately, life isn’t straightforward, today quickly turns to yesterday and tomorrow, today.
You see I don’t believe God has anything to do with our destinies, I believe that He has set out our destinies like a puzzle; a maze with multiple outcomes each influenced by our everyday life decisions. I don’t believe that our destinies are as straightforward as many spiritual leaders would lead us to believe. Paying your tithes, praying are all good and fine but one wrong decision, one wrong choice could derail your destiny for good or bad. Truth be told what might be a good choice might not be what your Creator has designed for you, as they oft say: ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’ Lemme give you an example and this is from a personal experience. In 2001 my life changed drastically and it was all down to one singular event! You see my dad and my uncle had decided to make a short trip to procure something for the church, both men had their pickup trucks but they went in my uncle’s, on their way back, they experienced a brake failure and my dad lost his life. Now if my dad, had made the choice of them running that errand in his pickup truck, I would want to believe that he’d be alive today. If my dad had being behind the wheel of that truck, I would love to believe that he would have handled that situation better but he didn’t and instead his death has caused a ripple effect that is still felt till date.
Most recently, I got the news that an old classmate had lost his life, after a long struggle with drug addiction. I felt sorry, for him and wished someone had come to his aid sooner, I remember in secondary school, when he was messing about with gum, it was just peer pressure and it was just for fun; harmless fun as it seemed it had seemed at the time. I can’t say for sure that’s how his addiction started, but I’d like to think that if he has said no to the first roll of marijuana or tube of gum, he might still be alive today.
See my point? Our choices, no matter how infinitesimal has the ability to cause drastic changes in our lives, so we have to be careful the choices we make and take nothing for granted for often times our choices affect not only us but people in and around us; even people you have never met!
Life is full of choices, making the right is the trick.
If Michael Brown had made the choice of stepping onto the side walk as he was asked, maybe we would never have heard of Ferguson in Nigeria. If Patrick Sawyer had stayed to be treated for ebola in Liberia, Stella Adedavoh and the others who fell victim to the dreaded EVD would be spending the holidays with their families today; see what I mean by our choices affecting those we have never met.
2014 will soon be ‘last year’ and 2015 will soon be referred to as ‘this year’, true we cannot unmake the decisions we have made, but we can decide to make better decisions from now on end!
We all have that one decision we all wish we could unmake, some of us, several. Everyday is a chance to make better choices, a clean slate, a chance at a new beginning, why not make it something worth remembering.
To take a quote from the movie Kungfu Panda: ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that is why it is called the present’.
Happy new year, have a fruitful 2015 filled with great choices.


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