The Single Guy Diary: Square Pegs, Round holes

not if one is only fighting
A friend of mine said that often times when I write that I come off as arrogant, that I sound like a man trying to enforce his opinion on others! I have never meant to do that, I just often tend to write about things I am passionate about and in doing so, I tend to write my thoughts down as they come to my head and the result is what you guys are often treated to. My apologies if what I have ever written has ever made you feel bad. Anyway today I will be writing about relationships; again! And the focus would be on why some do not work out, as always a bulk of what I will write will come from firsthand experience and observation. So here goes nothing.

true words change
Have you ever met this person, who rocks your boat, the conversation is great, the sex is even greater but try as you may the relationship never really seems to take off because of that one thing about them and it often leaves you wondering if you could just change that one thing, they’d be perfect! But more often than not it just doesn’t work out.the oneSome relationships are like trying to fit a square pin in a round hole, it will never work! And even when you force it in, there are still gaping holes! Sometimes people go into relationships knowing that a certain person is not compatible with them but go ahead anyway with the thought that they can furnish the said person into the kind of partner they desire.
You know the problem with trying to fashion a person to your liking is that often times the person loses those features or characteristics that drew you to them in the first place. If you used sand paper to smoothen the surface of a square peg so it can fit perfectly into a round hole, the peg stops being a square, it loses its essential qualities.
I am not saying that change isn’t constant, but sometimes in a relationship we have to let change occur of itself. If you want your partner to stop a habit or pick one up, you talk to them about it or better still act accordingly; a reasonable person who loves you will do as asked to the best of their abilities.
Subtle changes are good but radical changes tend to derail relationships.


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