The single guy diary: phone numbers and mixed signals.

unnamedSo this morning I was at the office and a colleague of mine was answering a personal phone call and after she was done, she exclaimed that the guy was giving her a headache claiming he was trying to woo her despite the fact that she wasn’t interested.
So I asked her several questions, you don’t like him how did he get your number? You don’t like him and he calls and you pick up? You don’t like it and he texts or sends you social media messages and you reply? I concluded by letting her know that, even though she wasn’t interested, she was leading him on by being at the other end of the line.
Miss his calls a couple of times, never reply his messages and soon he will get the message. Answering/replying him is just b1979530_507085192727680_2490814944975873213_naiting him on.

Truth be told, guys are adventurous, point him in the direction of a difficult woman and watch him smirk and ready himself for the battle. You see every time you say NO to his advances and pick up his call (according to him) it’s a sign you like him. Replying his messages indicates interest, so he will keep calling and texting because he knows you will be at the other end and it is only a matter of time before breaks you. (Again, according to him.)
So how do you avoid all these? Simple. If a guy you aren’t interested in should ask for your number, a simple, polite NO will suffice. If you are too nice to say NO, give him a wrong number and use the excuse that your battery is dead. This excuse never gets old given the number of super phones with not so super batteries in the market.
See I have come across women who give out their number like it is God’s blessings, to everyone and then never pick up their calls. When their phones ring and they refuse to answer, look at the LCD, chances are it will read something derogatory as ‘idiot’ or ‘fool’. So why did you give him your number in the first place, if you weren’t gonna answer?!!
Because every woman wants to be desired whether they care to admit it or not.
I am not saying all women are the same but women like to look good, that’s why they make up, that’s why they dress up to date, so when a guy walks up to her and compliments her or even goes further to ask for her number, then she is doing something right. This includes women in relationships; only the women in relationships; committed relationships more often than not refuse the request for her digits.
Don’t make yourself available if you are not, it is hard enough as a guy trying to read women, stop sending mixed messages, us guys aren’t wired the way you are. There are guys who still think NO means YES, there are guys who think that being rebuffed is the woman’s way of saying “try harder”. Men are simple like that. LOL.
I don’t pretend to know women, basically all I wrote here could just be a figment of my imagination, for which man can claim to truly know what goes through a woman’s mind?!


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