The Single Guy Diary: Your first time

So recently I was flipping through channels and I happened upon the Valentine’s hit movie 50 shades of Grey and decided to watch it again. You recall the scene in Christian Grey’s massive apartment where Ana confesses to Grey that she was still a virgin and the amazed Christian offers to “rectify the situation”? What follows is a classic Hollywood love scene; soft, romantic music playing in the background while silhouetted figures frolicked in the shadows, their movements synced. That scene made me wonder about the many people who were watching the movie at the same time as me or had seen the movie and were probably wishing their first time would be (had being) like that.FSG_31_5_Promo_BW_3F.inddMost people, if not all, wish the first time they have sex is as perfect as Hollywood portray them with the perfect partner, perfect music; if you can help it (often times there isn’t any music, just the heavy thumping of your heart against your rib cage), perfect place and the perfect time. But more often than not it isn’t the case as your first time is almost always awkward, scary, you do not know what goes where (it is even worst if both of you are both virgins), constantly asking yourself if you are doing it right, trying to mirror that “thing” Bond did it that movie or that mischievous friend of yours advised or talked about and before you know it the moment blows over as fast as it began. What just happened?!


No pressure, if your first time is awkward, you could always try again.


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