Give me an award I am heterosexual

Someone give me an award!
Ever since Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner made her debut (his; depending on the side of the fence you are on) on the cover of the popular American magazine Vanity Fair, the world has gone crazy with his/her decision to make her transition public. His/her revelation has spurn many memes, debates, conspiracy theories on his/her decision to transition and most recently ESPY’s decision to award him for ‘bravery’ instead of a disabled ex military who still partook in X-games and inspired soldiers around the world.
I for one don’t think there was any act of bravery in anything Bruce Jenner did! If bravery is coming out of the closet at 65, fathering six children, playing dad to four more and marrying three absolutely gorgeous women, then someone give me an award for being heterosexual.
The world is a billion years old and heterosexuality has presumably being that old, yet I still persist in it. Do you know how boring a billion year habit would be?! SMH but still I am having a go at it because that is life and I shouldn’t expect accolades.
What Bruce Jenner did was VERY selfish and yes I am being judgmental. I am no homophobe but you are free to think me so, the same way I am free to think Bruce is a selfish, attention seeking man who waited 65 years to decide to grow some boobs. Bruce transitioning is a slap on the face of all his wives; forget all the solidarity they are putting up, snapping pictures with the new woman with broad bleached smiles, that is just for TV, deep down they are mad, because this dude lied to them, lied to their faces for years.
What are his kids supposed to call him now, Mommy?! Nah they already have that!
Give an award to every black person who gets up every morning and goes out in search of their daily bread knowing there is a chance an over eager, trigger-happy cop might gun him/her down.
Give an award the men and women in the North eastern Nigeria who still go to market places, churches and other public places knowing that there is a chance a suicide bomber might strike.
Give an award to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to ensure that some of us are safe in our own homes to write articles like this that makes no sense.
Give an award to Malala Yousafzai who despite being shot in the head, survived and continues to champion the cause of little girls around the world to strive for education and better living.
Yes give them all an award for bravery for it takes courage to do what they do because their lives are all literally on the line every time they step out of the confines of their house.
Awarding Caitlyn or whatever he wishes to be known these days is awarding selfishness, cowardice and gross stupidity. People have being transitioning for years, why is Bruce special?!


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