The Pawn

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This picture is damning, look where Nnamdi is positioned; at the back.

There is no gainsaying that what we are practicing in Nigeria under President Buhari is what I choose to call Hausatocracy; a government by the Hausa, of the Hausa, for the Hausa, for how else would one explain the recent appointments. Well as an Igbo man, I am not really bothered because when I complain, the resounding response I get is “Did you vote for him?” “You” here being the Igbo tribe, and I want to ask how many Northerners voted GEJ but I stop myself because it would involve explaining the voting pattern in this country which I find tedious.

That is by the way the reason I decided to write this is because of what I perceive as the current role of the Igbo man in the Nigerian political terrain as the pawn; the guy you sacrifice for the big score! Since surrendering to the Nigerian army in 1970, the Igbo man has had to play catch up in politics, having to settle for Senatorial positions and Ministerial positions; yet having accusatory fingers pointed at him when he vacates office. He is still looked at as the guy who dared to secede, the untrustworthy guy. So he is kept at arm’s length, summoned only when he is needed to run an errand! Yes, the Igbo man is the Nigerian house boy.images

I loathe politics because of what this country has turned it to, I am not saying other countries play it better, I am just saying they hide their transgressions better than our politicians who wear theirs like aesthetics! Back to the Igbo people. Have you noticed how when a politician wants to win an election against great odds, he picks an Igbo name and claims an Igbo ancestry? Goodluck Jonathan the ex-President did it and the other governorship aspirant for Lagos state under the umbrella of PDP; the guy who looks like Doctore from Spartacus, yep Jimi Agbaje. They both picked an Igbo middle name to aid their cause and in the end leaving the Igbo man to bear the brunt as in the victory of Jonathan, when the Igbos were slaughtered in the North like sallah goats or being threatened with a flat in the lagoon if you vote the opposition as in the case of the Oba of Lagos. In both cases the Igbos were unwilling and naive participants in the ploy of politicians adept in the game of chess.

What some people do not recognize is that GEJ is a full-fledged Ijaw man, with NO link to the people in the South-east and Jimi Agbaje is no Igbo man even if you attempt to dress him up in the Igbo regalia, so why do we have to be punished in their stead and why do we the Igbo people continue to allow them drag us into the middle of fights we know nothing about?

Throw in the promise of a second Niger bridge or a better working environment and the Igbos will queue from here to London just to get their man, put in an Igbo name and claim Igbo roots and he embraces you like a long lost brother; who doesn’t want a brother in power? Especially one who has for more than two decades being deprived of it and would do anything just to say these three words “That is my brother.” And those words have being the reason the Igbo man has allowed himself be used as pawn, because of his quest for surrogate powers as Nigeria has conspired to deny it of him.

The truth of the matter is as long as he can eat, feed and clothe himself and family the Igbo man is content with his life the way it is but this is wrong, years of emotional and political blackmail will do that to you. I remember during the last election when the social media went crazy after the result of the Enugu elections results were called with many calling the Igbos all sorts of naming ranging from “backward” to “Money lovers” to “disgrace” to “thieves” “riggers” and whatnot! Yet even the dead voted in the North-east! LOL, it seems funny now but back then I boiled with rage at the impetus of some people who felt the Igbos MUST follow their lead and deserved to die for doing otherwise.

We no get mind again, make we like sheep follow them for nyash because na we don agree say na there we wan dey.

Nowadays Igbos do not vote or travel out of their places of residence back to their towns and villages for fear of being killed if the elections do not go the way of one of the 2 major tribes, this can be seen in the large exodus of Igbos from the North and parts of the West during the last election. And it is with this fear and further threat of deprivation that they have being able to string us up as puppets and our best brains used to carry out their dubious plans and ridiculed after. This has got to stop, Ndi Igbo wake and find your voice, it is about time we led but first we must lead from home, let us make the South-east a home, let us make ourselves the darlings of Africa then hoist ourselves up the seat of power.

We are not pawns and I refuse to be used as one or worse a sacrificial lamb used to settle debts. Please note that this is not meant to stir bitterness but raise awareness about the state of things.images


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