To Linda Ikeji, from a humble fan

I started following Linda Ikeji’s blog many years ago and since then I have being hooked. I love how playful and carefree her stories appear; a reflection of what I think is the kind of person she is. But over the years Linda has let fame get the better of her.
I defended Linda when they said she had a ‘poverty mentality’ and I asked them, who wouldn’t flaunt their riches after making it big?! Almost every artiste does it, so why should Linda be any different?!
But my beef with Linda stems from what I think is her extreme penchant for naivety even though she has been in the public eyes for years; she seems not to understand the power she wields.
First of all any celebrity who has issues with Linda for exposing their secrets or peering into the private lives, should realize that you strip yourself of the right to privacy, the moment you donned the cloak of celebridom. Worry not about Linda, for she is doing her job, worry instead about the snitches you keep close to you in the name of friends, family and employees. They are the ones who leak your dirty secrets to the public. So do me a favor and Gerrara here!!!
So stop being a bloody child and man up! fix your affairs and let Linda be.
The events leading to the WizKid debacle (shoe/bag incidence), has shown a whole new side of our beloved blogger I do not like. What happened to you?! Why do you need to explain yourself EVERY f*cking time you hit a bad curve? You owe nobody an explanation! NO ONE!!! Yet, you come on here and tell stories that would have better being left on said. Like you telling the world that WizKid and his people have being apologizing since Friday. WHO F*CKING CARES? If truly you wanted to be the bigger person; and the older person, which truly you are, you should never have divulged that! For Christ sake woman, control yourself!!! WizKid could be your younger brother and you are playing this childish game with him on social media, just to rubbish him?!
Accept his apology and move on, your readers need not be privy to every detail of your life.
WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY, Linda has got to get herself, a serious PA/agent who would stop her making these types of little mistakes.
Yes she was right to take the case to the police, but don’t tell me it was just because you wanted to do it for other women, you did it for yourself. WizKid was just blowing hot air, the only danger was that a misguided youth might have taken it upon himself/herself to act on his threat. But please stop saying you did it for women.
Linda, you are getting power drunk and a tad arrogant and it does not suit you, celebridom is robbing you of that innocence that first endeared you to me.
Please, this is not an attack on your person but a word of caution from a nobody but a humble fan.


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