The Single Guy Diary: Is this the modern day circle of marriage?

I saw this picture on Facebook and it had me thinking, is this really what the timeline for a modern day marriage is! What is your take on it?


Modern day Marriage timeline


2 thoughts on “The Single Guy Diary: Is this the modern day circle of marriage?

  1. Don’t think so. Marriage is wat u make of it though but I believe everybody should play their role.

  2. Nairalanders will call this one end-time marriage. But on a more serious note, i’ll say this is one of the ills of globalization or do I simply call it westernization?

    I’m not one of the advocates for divorce but to be candid, these issues of marital infidelity and violence didn’t start today; the only difference is that issues like are now open for public condemnation, (much thanks to the social media). In those days, Christianity wasn’t prevalent so getting as many wives to marry was a norm, turning a wife to a punching bag at the slightest provocation was considered manly to an extent. In our primitive thinking. It was indeed okay because after all, it’s a man’s world.

    I really do not know how to put this but what do you expect after so much exposure to the western world? It’s clear that divorce is the final answer to every marital bouhaha. What I really do not understand is how a woman can find another man attractive when she’s still a man’s wife.

    At the end of the day,I do not have an answer to this post.

    ps: I specifically mentioned ”woman” because I’m speaking from the female POV and I’ve heard many say that men are polygamous in nature; although I’m not trying to justify this preconception.

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