The Single Guy Diary: You are addressed how you are dressed.


By now we all know the story of Olajumoke Orisaguna the woman who went from hawking bread to modeling for different designers, appearing on magazine covers and getting endorsement deals. This article even though not related to her, was inspired by her.

A couple of years ago I had gone to visit a friend and when it was time to leave, she insisted on wearing a proper slipper instead of the usual bathroom slipper to see me off, because in her words, “You never know who is watching”. Then I thought it was a stupid thing to do, after all she was just seeing me to a place not up to a hundred feet from her home. Now that I am a bit older, I now fully understand her actions.


The words: “You are addressed how you are dressed” has made even more sense ever since I moved to Abuja, where it seems that principle is in full effect. You notice that the way people talk to you, especially in offices, vary depending on how you are dressed. The way ladies respond to you depends again on how you are dressed.

Imagine if our accidental celebrity had worn rags out on that fateful day instead, maybe we would never have known who she was, and that picture of hers would have ended up in an unused negative on the floor of a studio somewhere.

We might feel the need not to put in so much work into our looks but the truth is we ought to, even if not for anyone else but ourselves. There is a self confidence that comes from the thought that one is looking their absolute best. Looking good cost money, that I know but I also know that one does not have to be expensively assembled to look good. I mean no one is going to ask you to show the name tag of your cloth to know from what design house it came from. Do the best with what you have; LOL given that some people’s best is nowhere near good, it is best I expatiate on that. Look around you, pick out the current trend, pick out one that works for you and try your best with what you have to emulate it.

Looking good helps you make a good first impression, it is how others judge you before they even say a word to you. Looking good is what gets you noticed, it is what attracts you to others.

I feel hypocritical writing this, cos I am one of those people who don’t really care about looks. I can throw on this and that to go get something across the street, my response to questions if I am going out like this is usually, “I wan go marry wife?” As I write this, I have a tiny split in my trouser that I have been planning to get sewn up since for like ever, maybe I am not one to be writing this! LOL.

The truth is you do not only have to look good when you are going to church, work or interviews, I know people who make up just to sit indoors. I know people who would not have a hair out of place just to go across the road to get a box of matches. It all depends on you; you do not know where your help will come from. After all, looking good is good business.




One thought on “The Single Guy Diary: You are addressed how you are dressed.

  1. This epistle is indeed for me. Henceforth, I’ll begin to wear make up, long flowing dresses, maybe white or cream, so it won’t look like I’m a Jumoke-wannabe, and heeled shoes with at least an inch and I’ll walk as slow as I can. Who knows? Another TY Bello may be on a photo tour. LOL

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