The Single Guy Diary:The death of man

Charly Boy’s article though not related sparked a series of thoughts that birthed another episode in my Single Guy series.

Maybe it is just me but has anyone noticed how it seems the world is turning on its head; up is now down, down is now up, men now have p*ssies and women now have d*cks!! (FYI I have nothing against transgender persons, I am just trying to adjust to that reality)

I never lived in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but I reckon life was a whole lot better and more straight-forward than it is now, men then had role models such as James Bond, Flint, James Dean, Marlon Brando and John Wayne. All these guys were men’s men, men who epitomized all there was to being a man; good looks with grit and not afraid to get their hands dirty. They were ladies men who knew how to handle themselves around these women and how to handle every situation around said women. And women swoon every time they passed cos they exuded that special something.

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Today has seen the rise of the ‘feminists’, women who want to be equal to men in all spheres of life, who teach their baby boys it is okay to be a sissy, just so he can please a woman. Who teach their baby boys that is okay to carry your woman’s bag while she struts her stuff; I know a lot of people are going to think me insensitive and unromantic for this part but understand that there is a difference between doing something because you care and doing something because it is a duty.

Today’s man is often bearded, chiseled and can neither change a tire or drive a stick, today’s man does not know what to do with a strong opinionated woman. Today’s man cares more about how they look and not how much they earn. Today’s man takes more selfies than a teenage girl and even pouts doing it! Today’s man comes to the social media to vent about his marital problems or report marital abuse!! Today’s man is a sissy, simply put.less of a man

Men in times past knew their place in the world and recognized their roles and played them to perfection; the society was sane then, which is why marriages lasted longer and relationships made more sense. There is a reason why there are rules, regulations and culture in every society, because they help structure the society by formulating a pattern or a recognized standard of procedure. But like I said earlier, sometime in the last couple decades the world had a crash with reformists and ended up on its head and now effeminate men are gradually taking the place of the man’s man.

Somewhere along the line while men were having empathy towards women drummed into their ears, they started to turn to women! Men are providers, protectors, figure heads, kings, knights in shining armors, not princesses locked up in castles up on high waiting to be rescued.

Love your woman, take care of her, fend for her, make her feel like she can do no wrong and worship the ground she works on but if she steps out of line put her in her place! I did not say hit her, that does not make you a man, it makes you an idiot, there are ways to do that, be firm, be sure, be cocky, let her know who the alpha is. Do not come to the social media and b*tch about it!!

All fingers are not equal, so it is no surprise that there are house husbands and there are women who make more than their spouses, so what do these men do when they feel emasculated? Go out into the world and try to make something of yourself, it might not be much but your woman (a good woman) will appreciate you being a man about your situation. B*tching about it will not help you! Venting on the social media will not help you.

If you feel emasculated in a relationship, then you have two options; better your circumstance or leave the relationship, YOU NO GO DIE!!!

If you are comfortable living off a woman, please continue to be comfortable when she starts to treat you like the help. Do not expect her to go cook for you after spending all day at work, while you were busy doing nothing.

Have you noticed that most of domestic violence is always a direct result of insecurities on the part of the man? Men who cannot control their emotions, men who have not cajones! Not man enough. I can remember as a kid when my mom would nag and bicker at my dad, who all he wanted to do after a long day’s work, was sit back, relax and watch the TV, the poor man would look at me and say: “Nna, when the food is ready please come and get me” and with he would disappear into his room. But today’s man would smack his wife upside her head or get into a war of words with her.

I shudder at the thought that a time will come when a guy and a girl are at a gunpoint and the guy does more crying than the girl who is calmly sorting the situation. Women let your men be men, if he has no job, encourage him to go look for one, if he earns considerably lower than you do, set him up or help him facilitate a loan. Stop paying the school fees and house rent all on your own, you are a ‘help mate’ not a provider. Encourage your men to be better not lazy. Help your man but know your limit before you completely neuter him.



One thought on “The Single Guy Diary:The death of man

  1. That part of domestic violence got me. I strongly disagree. Domestic violence is not a “modern thing”. Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart constantly beat his wives and in fact it was a norm. As crazy as it sounds, d’you know some women feel that men who can’t violently touch them aren’t manly?

    See, it’s not easy to be a wife and a mother. Women are constantly reminded that the wise woman builds her home and for this reason alone, women try to make the dirty laundry in her home to sparkle in public. If she ever tries to reset her memory by speaking up, it turns out that she’s not submissive. if she leaves, she’ll be stigmatized as a woman who cannot keep a home.

    The truth remains that it’s indeed a man’s world. Many of the crazy things women do in the closet or in public are simply to satisfy a man. I’m not trying to sympathize completely with the women; but then, that’s what it is.

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